Material Design Theme - Full Package

Zephyr | Material Design Theme being distributed by Themeforest. The theme allows for a lot of precision customization in terms of spacing, font size, navigation layout, etc. The design elements are great, as well. You can build almost every site with it.


v7.2 – Feb 14, 2020
  • ADDED ability to use Page Blocks for Sidebars
  • ADDED option to Auto-hide header on scroll down, it will become visible on scroll up. Check the example.
  • ADDED ability to view (and go to edit) all page related things: Header, Content Template, Page Blocks, Footer. This improves user experience.
  • IMPROVED Grid element:
  • IMPROVED Vertical Wrapper element:
    • now it is also available in Page Builder, this can be useful for some extra customziations
    • added “Gap between Items” option, which adds default gap for elements inside wrapper
  • IMPROVED IconBox element – now manually added SVG icon respects “Icon Color” option. This useful when you use a few Font Awesome icons and don’t need to load the whole icon font file.
  • IMPROVED Horizontal Wrapper element – added “Gap between Items” option, which adds default gap for elements inside wrapper
  • IMPROVED Menu and Simple Menu in header – added “Spread menu items evenly over the available width” option
  • IMPROVED Post Prev/Next Navigation element – added options to change “Previous/Next Post” subtitles
  • IMPROVED Post Image element – added ability to “Open original image in a popup
  • IMPROVED Post Custom Field element – added “Text after value” option
  • IMPROVED Cart element – added “Hide if cart is empty” option
  • IMPROVED appearance of header – now empty header cells are automatically hidden to avoid extra spacing
  • IMPROVED “Link” option in many elements – added ability to set ACF “Email” custom field as link
  • UPDATED Font Awesome PRO icons to version 5.12.1 – added 6 new icons
  • UPDATED languages files
  • FIXED support of The Events Calendar plugin: removed overriding styles. To display calendar and events pages correctly, you need to enable “Full Styles”
  • FIXED issue when Dropdown in Sticky Header Initial Position to “At the Bottom of the first content row” drops to the top on mobiles
  • FIXED bug when “Hide this element if its value is empty” option in Post Custom Field element isn’t working for “Image” fields
  • FIXED bug when Cart page “Apply Coupon” and “Update” buttons don’t take button settings from Theme Options > Shop
  • FIXED alignment of Sharing Buttons element with “Fixed” style, turned back separated “Alignment” option
  • FIXED bug when Grid with “Terms of selected taxonomy” and “Random” ordering shows incorrect terms
  • FIXED bug when “Font Size” on mobiles didn’t work for Custom Heading element
  • FIXED bug when Mobile Menu shows blue border around the dropdown arrow
  • FIXED bug in Carousel when auto rotation was forced after closing a popup
  • FIXED bug when Carousel Autoheight isn’t working on mobiles
  • FIXED extra top offset on the first Sticky Row
  • FIXED some minor bugs