WordPress Multilingual CMS (Full Addons Included)

WPML – WordPress Multilingual CMS being developed by wpml.org. WPML makes it easy to build multilingual sites and run them. It’s powerful enough for corporate sites, yet simple for blogs. WPML Multilingual CMS comes with over 40 languages. You can also add your own language variants (like Canadian French or Mexican Spanish) using WPML’s languages editor. You can arrange different language contents in the same domain (in language directories), in sub-domains or in completely different domains.

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v4.3.6 – Dec 11, 2019
  • Features
    * [wpmlcore-7000] Removed the “REST disabled” notice and added information to WPML > Support > Info > WordPress and in the debug data.
  • Fixes
    * [wpmlcore-7003] Fixed notices shown when translating a page containing the String Translation shortcodes (`[wpml-string]`).
    * [wpmlcore-6995] Fixed a possible display issue when a block attribute contains a shortcode.
  • Compatibility
    * [wpmlcore-7004] Fixed notices thrown with php 7.4 when using WC Order Status Manager.
    * [wpmlcore-6992] Fixed PHP 7.4 notices when using language switcher in menus.
    * [wpmlcore-6991] Fix problem with sticky links breaking dynamic Gutenberg blocks.
    * [wpmlcore-6986] Fixed PHP deprecation notices (`Using array_key_exists() on objects is deprecated`) thrown from Twig when running PHP 7.4.
    * [wpmlcore-6985] Fixed PHP Notices thrown when activating WPML Core with PHP 7.4.