WP Rocket

Cache Plugin for WordPress - Activated

WP Rocket is a WordPress Plugin being developed by WP Media. WP Rocket WordPress Plugin helps your Website to load faster with smart caching features including page caching, delivering images on request and static files compression.

Download now WP Rocket wordpress plugin at Galatheme.com for $5.00 or Free for Member Club. You’ll receive the exact .zip file you would download from the original author.


v3.4.4 – Jan 9, 2020
  • Enhancement: Error 403 on admin-ajax requests and WooCommerce nonces.
  • Enhancement: Preserve FacetWP comments during HTML minification.
  • Enhancement: Update WordPress compatibility information.
  • Enhancement: Don’t clear the cache when preload option is changed.
  • Enhancement: Improve “Separate cache files for mobile devices” help text.
  • Enhancement: Add constants helper file/functions to abstract constants for testing.
  • Bugfix: Replace YouTube iframe with preview image is not working when using relative protocol.
  • Bugfix: Prevent PHP 7.4 notice – Trying to access array offset on value of type null, in class-cache-dynamic-resource.php.
  • Bugfix: Partial preloading is not working after cache lifespan expires.
  • Bugfix: Disabling Opcache from php.ini doesn’t hide our “Clear OPcache” menu entry.
  • Bugfix: Prevent multiple CDN srcset rewrites.
  • Bugfix: Clean cache when clearing Autoptimize cache using the menu bar link.