Gravity Forms

Tool for WordPress To Create Advanced Forms - Full Addons Included

Gravity Forms – Tool for WordPress To Create Advanced Forms being developed by RocketGenius. Gravity Forms is the Easiest Tool to Create Advanced Forms for Your WordPress Powered Website. Build and publish your WordPress forms in just minutes. No drudgery, just quick and easy form-building. Select your fields, configure your options and easily embed forms on your WordPress-powered site using the built-in tools.

Gravity Forms allows you to quickly and easily integrate with a variety of third party services such as PayPal and provides for even deeper integration with WordPress through collection of optional Add-Ons.


v2.4.17 – Feb 5, 2020

– Added security enhancements. Credit: Ryan Knell.
– Added the “Empty (no choices selected)” choice to the conditional logic rule value drop down for Multi Select fields.
– Added an error message to Form block when no forms exist.
– Added the *[gform_print_entry_notes](* filter.
– Updated the Field Choices tooltip in the form editor.
– Updated file upload validation logging statements.
– Updated documentation links on the Forms > Help page.
– Updated the print entry stylesheet to remove the page break between the entry and its notes.
– Updated the *[gform_form_export_filename](* filter to include an additional parameter containing the IDs of the forms to be exported.
– Fixed an issue with the width of the Form Settings submenu links. Credit: The GravityView team.
– Fixed an issue with the text format {all_fields} output for Multi Select fields created with GF2.2+.
– Fixed an issue with the tabindex when the form contains a Captcha field which is not the last field.
– Fixed a PHP notice which occurs when a page containing multiple Ajax enabled Form blocks is displayed.
– Fixed an issue where an uploaded file could lose the original filename on entry save if it contains multibyte characters.
– Fixed an issue where the Checkboxes “select all” feature does not trigger calculations.
– Fixed an issue where the Checkboxes “select all” feature does not function for some form configurations using Poll, Quiz, or Survey fields.
– Fixed an issue where multiple “other” inputs can be displayed for the Radio Buttons field in some scenarios.
– Fixed an issue with the entry limit per day for timezones other than UTC.
– Removed the orphaned (empty) entry deletion task from the daily cron job.
– AF: Fixed PHP notices thrown on the feed edit page in PHP 7.4.
– AF: Fixed a PHP 7.4 warning which occurs when the update_plugins transient is cleared on installation of a new plugin.
– AF: Fixed an issue where an add-on is not deactivated on uninstall if it’s path does not match the expected path.
– AF: Added GFPaymentAddOn::get_payment_field() to determine what should be used as the payment amount; the form total or a specific product field.
– AF: Fixed an issue on the results page where multiple filters are added after clearing the previous filters.
– AF: Fixed a PHP 7.4 notice which can occur when payment add-ons retrieve the submission data.
– AF: Updated the frontend feeds scripts loading priority to 20.
– AF: Fixed an issue where payment add-ons may process submissions marked as spam.
– API: Fixed an issue when providing an invalid date_created date while retrieving entries.
– API: Fixed a PHP notice which occurred in GFAPI::get_form() when the meta is cached and the form properties have been deleted from the database.
– API: Added support for the “notin” search operator. Credit: The GravityView team.